Men's Ministry

A ministry for men of God to discuss issues affecting both, positively and negatively, their walk with Christ. A safe haven to grow spiritually and not be condemned for their shortcomings. A place to help each other by being accountable for each other as well as ourselves. To constantly mature in the word through Bible study, outings, prayer and upliftment. To create spiritual soldiers for Christ, our churches, homes and community. One body, one God.

Women's Ministry

We believe that God has a unique and beautiful plan and purpose for women. Married, single, divorced, widowed, mothers, sisters, daughters, and friends. Though we may live different looking lives, we are all commissioned by the same call of Jesus." Seek first his kingdom and righteousness." Our women's ministry wants to help you to seek the Lord above all, but we also want to help you figure out how to do that based on God's word and whatever walk of life you may be in. The women's ministry also wants to encourage fellowship and relationship building between the women in the church. We go on outings, attend conferences, read books together, and have special events throughout the year. We hope you will join us!


This is our high school and jr high ministry. 20/20 vision is helpful for many reasons. It helps you not only to see where you are going to help assure you that you're heading in the right direction, it also helps you to avoid potential dangers. We want kids to be able to see Christ clearly. To see where he wants them to go and also how to avoid the potential pitfalls that are encouraged by today's society, by prayer and diving into the word. We want the kids to have fun by playing games and fellowship with one another with food and laughter. We go on outings, camps, and various events throughout the year. Come check it out!

Sunday School

It's not just for kids anymore! Our Sunday school takes a topic and dives deep into it in a way that is different from cell group. We spend Sunday mornings really dissecting a subject or book of the Bible in order to develop a sound and solid theological foundation for those who are new to Christ and for those who have been in the church for years. We come up with fun ways to teach that are interactive and engaging. A great way for the whole family to grow in Christ.

Children's Church

Children's church at Village is designed to teach children about who that is and the truth of his word in a way that is tailored for his or her age group. We want kids to be excited about Christ and we want to create an atmosphere where not only are the kids excited to come week after week, You the parents feel comfortable and confident that your child is safe and happy while you listen to the sermon in the main sanctuary

Cell Group

So group is a small group that meets to have fellowship and discuss Sunday sermon. These groups take place in someone's home in a great way to build a relationship, ask questions and get clarification about the sermon, and grow in your faith. It's our group includes games, food, prayer, and discussion on the Bible. On the last Wednesday of the month, all of the Bible studies combine to play a game that tests are our knowledge on the book of the month.( a book of the Bible that the whole church is encouraged to read) Check out a Bible study close to you!

The Engine Room

In the same way that a car cannot run without an engine, the church cannot operate without prayer. The engine room is our corporate prayer service on the last Friday of the month, we gather as a body to pray, worship, and seek God's face together on one accord.